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We're currently featuring NAD education for Nurses. This NAD PowerPoint includes everything a nurse needs to know to incorporate NAD into practice. 

This course includes: 

  • NAD's role in the body

  • NAD Benefits

  • How to administer

  • Patient Experience - before during and after

  • Patient Education 

  • Pricing 

  • Follow Up Care

Purchase of this course includes complementary one on one discussion with Melissa on the content. The course is on holiday sale. Much love, Melissa and the HYDROVITA Family


Melissa Allen, RN and Owner of HYDROVITA is opening her schedule to mentor select nurses. If you're a Registered Nurse aspiring to start or grow your IV Hydration or Wellness Practice, schedule a free call with Melissa. During this call you'll get to know each other, your goals, and map what mentorship could look like for your individual situation. 

  • Available Online

    For nurses looking to start and scale their wellness practice.

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    1 hr

    150 US dollars
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