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The HYDROVITA Infusion Lounge is honored to offer you a 25% discount on all professional grade supplements purchased through VISIT our store to shop! Don't know where to start? You'll see our favorites saved for you. 

Our personal favorites are the following made by Ortho Molecular Products. We consider these essential for just about everyone. 

1. MitoCORE - a multivitamin that supports mitochondrial function, the immune system, the liver, healthy NAD levels, and overall wellness. 

2. Ortho Biotic - a probiotic to support healthy gut function. Our gut bacteria have great control over our we experience life. Want to learn more, book a free consult! 

3. Otho Omega - in our opinion, the BEST Omega supplement on the market. The fish used to make this product are wild caught off the Chilean Coast. Its such a high-quality product you can actually bit into it and it tastes like lemon - NOT fish. 


All but two of Ortho Molecular Products are made in Steven's Point Wisconsin, the other two are made in Illinois. All of their products are third party tested for quality and efficacy. They're so confident in their products they offer a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.  Year after year they win manufacturing awards. Wisco Proud! There are many more reasons why we love the company! Reach out if you'd  like to learn more.


The HYDROVITA Infusion Lounge receives a commission on all supplements purchased through, not just Ortho Molecular Products. However, we only make recommendations we fully trust for ourselves and our families, that's why they get our endorsement. 

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